Personal Mission Statement





“Knowing our why helps us focus on doing the important whats.” (Chapter 2, p. 27)

 Pause for prayer (adapted from the Adult Guide, p. 6)
Dear God, today I begin a journey of discovery. Help me find the path that I am to follow. As you did with Paul, you have equipped and called me for a life of faith, devotion, service and mission. Guide me as I seek my purpose in you. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.


Begin by jotting down some specific words that describe how you seek to live out your relationship with God. (p. 29)


Before God calls you to do, God calls you to be. Who do you believe God calls you to be?
(p. 28)


What positive impact can you make and bring to others?
(p. 28)


Don’t limit your purpose to a specific role or location. How can you carry out your purpose up until the day you die? (p. 28)

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